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Sea Water Baths Cocker Street 1911 and Read’s 1880 – Blackpool

Sea Water Cocker Street Baths above.  What a gorgeous architecturally styled roof and surrounds

Sea Water Baths  in Blackpool

Sea Water Baths in Blackpool,   as far back as early 18th century,   were famously renowned for healthy remedial bathing.

Sea Water Baths Cocker Street,   in Victorian style, started life under a Doctor Cocker.   He bottled sea water sending it all over the world for it’s health properties.  Bathers would come to his Baths hoping their achy bones and rheumatic pains would be soothed away.  Many of them returned home feeling happier.

Sea Water Victorian Cocker Street Baths - image

Victorian Swimming Baths – Sea water Cocker Street. Blackpool Central Library 1994

Blackpool Corporation bought the building in 1911 and spent 20,000 pounds on updating and preparing them for the Blackpool citizens especially the school children for them to receive swimming lessons.

The Baths served the Community for nearly 100 years and were very well loved.  The architecture of the building was unique and the original bath tiles stood the test of time.  The Baths had marble floors and glazed tiling throughout.

Hot sea water was available to tone up the muscles

Eventually the structural safety came into question and were regularly inspected by surveyors.  Severe storms came […]


Visit the Derby!  another salt water pool just further up the Promenade

…and the baths were hit exacerbating any structural history and it was decided they should be closed permanently.

The Baths lay drained of water for a long period before demolition took place.

Cocker Street Baths Manager Mr Cruikshank took a long last look round in 1973 before the Baths met with the bulldozers.

OUTCOME:  Sea Water remedial bathing fell into the past.  The Baths were demolished,  and machinery was recycled at the South Shore Swimming Coliseum. An engineering plaque was remounted at the Derby Baths and another bequeathed to the Central Library Local History Collection.  A date stone from the boiler chimney also was retained.

Many many people wrote their memoirs of the Cocker Street sea water baths,  many of which were published in the Blackpool Gazette and Herald.

Sea Water Cocker Street Baths site - image

The Baths Site.

My visit in Sept. 2004 revealed a car park occupying the site.

Read’s Sea Water Baths


Sea Water Baths - Read's South beach Blackpool - image

Read’s Sea Water Baths South Beach Blackpool 1880. Blackpool District Central Library. J Burkitt 1994

These sea water baths were just along the promenade at South Beach.  Owned by Jonathan Read they were placed between the North and South Piers.   The Gentlemen’s Bath was  60 ft x 24 ft and the Ladies Bath was 40 ft X 15 ft.   Both provided separate dressing rooms.  The Baths were  supplied daily with 60,000 gallons of pure tepid sea water.  A swim was sixpence and hire of Ladies costumes 2d (old penny’s) extra and Men’s costumes 1d (old penny) extra.

The Sea Water Baths were a testament to the healthy remedial sea water bathing that Blackpool was renowned for.

Read's Sea Water Baths South Beach Blackpool - image

Read’s Sea Water Baths – South Beach Blackpool 1880. Blackpool District Central Library. J Burkitt 1994

Do you have have any more hints about these baths?

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