Kent Street Baths - Birmingham 1851 and 1930

Kent Street Baths – Birmingham 1851 and 1930

New Kent Street Baths Birmingham above.  The Gala Hall. Courtesy of Birmingham Central Libraries – Patrick Baird 1994

 Kent Street Baths originally 1849

The original Kent Street Baths – foundation stone laid 1849 Courtesy of Birmingham Central Libraries – Patrick Baird 1994

The new baths occupied the site of the former and first public baths. The foundation stone was laid originally on 29th October 1849 and opened on 12th May 1851. Documents and gold coins were found […]


Sister site Woodcock Street Baths across the city, home to Television Galas


…under the stone and these were reburied upon building the new baths.  The original baths were well patronised during it’s 79 years right up to its demolition in 1930.

Kent Street Baths - New Exterior - image

Kent Street Baths  – new exterior 1930. Courtesy of Birmingham Central Libraries – Patrick Baird 1994 

Kent Street Baths and the word “baths” have become so mellowed together

” by constant association for three generations as to become household words.”

The pool was 100 ft long by 34 ft 6ins wide and constructed in ferro concrete and lined with glazed tiles. The depth of water varied from 3ft 6ins to 9ft. It was a competition bath and very well known in the area and well patronised hosting many important Galas within the Midland District.

kent street baths diving stage - image

The attractive gallery and national regulation diving stage – all set for shows. Courtesy of Birmingham Central Libraries – Patrick Baird 1994

Kent Street II would have a Gala Hall, slipper baths and Turkish/Russian steam baths and complementing these there would be plunge pools. The turnstiles led to a central position towards an oak panelled ticket office.

Kent Street Baths much prized diving medal won in Coronation Year 1953

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Much prized 1st diving medal won here in Coronation Year 1953 agj

Kent Street Baths remains - image

Kent Street remains.

OUTCOME: The Baths closed circa 1960 and was targeted for demolition. however the front superb example of a neoclassical facade warranted reprieve. The building had served as office space and working units until 2004 but had lain derelict until 2009.

There were pleas for saving the front facade but is was in vain. The Baths were eventually cleared in September 2009 to make way for extension car parking and I believe the lower half of the facade will remain to screen the car parking behind? Yes…to some extent.

Kent Street Baths Site today - image

Aerial view of the site of Kent Street Baths – the Plunge Pools would be to the side and beyond of main bath. Click to enlarge


Famous in its day.  I have very fond memories! have you?


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kent street baths - underwater - image

kent street baths - Snippet sdi 7 - image