Okehampton Open Air Pool - Simmons Park Devon

Okehampton Open Air Pool – Simmons Park Devon

Okehampton Open Air Pool above situated in Simmons Park

A note: Have Received Editorial – huge thanks to Christine Marsh…will start to publish…in edit

Okehampton Open Air Pool  – Simmons Park Devon

Okehampton Open Air Pool - image

Enlarge++  The original swimming pool closer and alongside the river 1964.   If one looks carefully a few remains can be found.

Who said cold water swimming couldn’t be the rage back in 1976?!

Mr Eric Furze, a retired council officer takes his customary swim in the old outdoor pool.  The colder the better. He tests the water and if over 42F he swims four lengths, if under,  two lengths and has swum as low as 36F

Earlier Frolics

Okehampton Open Air Pool - image

Enlarge ++ Some earlier ? late 19th century at the pool

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Recap: I had spent a couple of hours helping a friend teach swimming at this pool during a brief visit 1980s. It remained a mystery until today?  I wondered if it still existed?  has it been refurbished. No-one could help.  I had difficulty finding information on this lido as it is in this picture.   Did I dream it?…..no…..this postcard came to me and said “You were here – Okehampton Swimming Pool”  …Sadly contacts come and go and have lost those that could have helped at this time.  I can now add more!  IN EDIT

THEN! A Greenlight!
Initial  information from  Tanya @LidoWriters who set me on the correct path.  It lay in Simmons Park.  Thus aerial pictures from google earth see comments below… I contacted the Town Clerk’s office from the Simmons Park Website,  they kindly put me into contact with Christine Marsh who has helped me immensely

Simmonds Park Open Air swimming Pool site - image

Enlarge ++ General aerial view + and closer view+ Just see some of the surrounding walls.  Now play area  – Google Earth

Does anyone else remember this pool. Any residents/or then children of the town who learned to swim here?? …

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