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Southport Bathing Lake – 1928. Lido of the North

Above Southport Bathing Lake. Private postcard collection agj


Southport Bathing Lake was the wonderful Lido of the North.  It replaced the pool built on the north side of the Marine Drive.

Southport Bathing Lake was  the scene of wonderful Beauty Pageants.  One could only find standing room.  The first bathing pool in 1914 was inadequate regarding the water purification.  Also it was unsheltered from the wind and the tide of the Irish sea.

Southport Bathing Lake - image

Southport Bathing Lake


In 1928 the cold and draughty 1914 lido was replaced by the beautiful Southport bathing lake.  It stood in Prince’s Park.  It was one of the finest in the country and thousands of sun worshippers flocked together.  They enjoyed idle hours of sun tanning.  They endlessly swum and dived into the crystal clear dazzling water.  It was a great ampitheatre of gaiety and colour that thousands enjoyed.

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It complemented a second pool – the indoor Victorian Baths on the promenade.  This was built in 1871 at the time of the building of the promenade itself. Closed for a while and when reopened it was a great gala occasion. The Victorian Baths caused processions through the town with a Gala Ball in the evening.

Today it is the superb Victoria Leisure and Fitness Club, with the sympathetically restored same architecture.

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A great amusing clip. Has a small picture break half way thro‘ for approx 12secs. It’ll resume with very entertaining  scenes. “Twelve Diving Belles” Click picture

OUTCOME: The Southport Bathing Lake prospered but eventually a decline in attendances became its downfall. The Bathing Lake beside the Irish Sea eventually lost its patrons.   They  flocked to the baking beaches around the Mediterranean

Eventually the site was cleared and there were various ideas and thoughts for the area. This included a supermarket come cinema complex. The updated amusement park is next to a vast area of reconstruction, including the restoration of the great pier.  So much for the lido of the north – Southport Bathing Lake never to return except in our memories.

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A GREAT TRIBUTE. Click for movie


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Southport Bathing Lake was situated approximately here.

Morecambe – Super Swimming Stadium 1936

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