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 Finding Lidos 

Why my passion? and Lido Fever!

Welcome to my lost lidos site!  I actually started reminiscing and compiling  in the early 90s! Thus there are older dates on the acknowledgements page.

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“Once it was a pool”

Born into a swimming family, the competitive side of swimming and diving in various pools was enjoyed. I remember with much affection the wonderful visits with my parents around the seaside lidos, and having such fun with much happiness.

As time wore on realisation dawned that some of these favourite swimming and splashing haunts were slowly disappearing, and there was much nostalgia discovering this. Comfort was added to these feelings by going around physically, and carrying out research.  This was stretched from the old days to present day and exercised an acute sense of curiousity. PCs and the internet were not the order of the day then.

Thanks to my husband Richard for his patience driving around from South to North, East to West during the 90s to visit the sites of these pools when finding lidos.  They inevitably ended up with trips to the local libraries, and somehow Richard had to occupy his time!  However, he definately thought that if he couldn’t beat this obsession he’d have to join in,  and so he did!

Then…came the World Wide Web

Finding Lidos Original website 1999

The fact that I called my original Finding Lidos Site “So You Want To” was because it fell into a series of projects being worked on using that title, and what could be better than “So you want to find out about Lost Lidos” So it kind of stuck.  Since the early days of basic learning about computers and web pages,  other various sites have been produced on other topics, but I have reconstructed another Lost Lidos site in 2012 from the ones you see here and below. Sorry they are fuzzy.

The URLS remain the same because of search engine listings and automatically transfer to the new website – this one!

Finding Lidos next website 2001

Of course there are hundreds of Lido Sites these days and with much nostalgia attached.
There are extracts from soyouwantto on some – but do you know? I don’t mind at all so long as I receive a bit of acknowledgement and reference due to my early start and library research over the years.

Lido Fever

With all the campaigning going on  – the WORLD WIDE WEB makes it a little easier. This helps and affects the speed and importance of promoting to save.  Campaigning  becomes viral to preserve or restore ” beloved baths.”  It widens and adds other dimensions to them,  More writings and more websites,   more clout to the cause and… the more the merrier.  I try to help here,  and publicise some of those at risk on this site,  pooling lidos  “Lido News”  I’d go the whole hog, but web space has to be considered!
I often wonder if half the pools  and wonderful lidos featured on this site had been born a little later,  or world wide web invented earlier  whether they could have been saved?  Who knows.

I have extra nostalgia for Butlins, but I keep this under cover!   I have traipsed over the sites, and just enjoy all the associated web sites and contributions.  Bygone Butlins is a wonderful website and… another story.

Finding Lidos After a bathe - Bovril

Do you remember this? it might well apply today after those wild open water swims! but wet suits weren’t the order of the day in days past so a drink of Bovril or Horlicks was well needed then.  It was a familiar sound hearing the shshshsing and gurgling of the urns producing that hot cup of Cow & Gate.

I have collated peoples memories from over the site into one comments area. (This helps reduce the time consuming deletion of spam – the order of the day).

As from the beginning,  the main objective have not only presented facts,  but I have also  endeavoured to give  “the feel”  of the lidos and bring them back to life.  Original newspaper cuttings have been used in most cases.

Added note:  Being involved in the sport of diving some of my writing may reflect this.  I’ve written and updated a book feature for children “- Diving high – So Dive in!”

Any memories I’d be so happy to hear from you.
One day I’d love to turn this website possibly  into a book….hmmm….I’ll carry on adding my research because even in this modern technological age it’s still good to get a book down from the shelf and curl up and enjoy! 

From Happy Lido Reading/Writing,


Richard, Anne and Bob having a sweep up

Campaigners Richard, yours truly and Bob having a sweep up  at Kings Meadow Open Air Baths,   Reading – saved from the bulldozers. Now being restored  as “Thames Lido

A snip of just a few of the Lidos featured

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