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Lost Lidos -Lido search search-box - imageLost Lidos search is the recent  “searched for” Lidos using the search box below, and that are not featured on my website. Instead I have referenced information.  NB. the website visitor searches  are anonymous.  The search and category boxes are active once logged in.

Personal experiences with very interesting information are found  from visitors on the comments page.  Most welcome if you would like to join in. If you could help by adding to the information?…great!  If so I suggest  using the comments box at the end of the comments page,  or emailing me  at anne@so-dive-in.co.uk

I have added pointers to information here

Ashburton Pool
Editor: Not Lost –  very happy to tell you! therefore not featured on website. Run by volunteers, “our swimming pool cafe serves hot and cold drinks, locally baked cakes and biscuits, crisps, snacks, ice lollies and ice creams. A selection of swimming pool equipment is also for sale including goggles & floats. The pool also boasts a child play area and picnic area.”  Go here for information

Barewell Lido
Editor: Misspelling? Possibly Barwell in Leicestershire – no lido found; or meaning Bulwell. See below titled Hucknall

lost lidos - Barking Lido in the Park - image

Barking Lido gone.  Enlarge +

♦Barking Lido (Park)
Editor: The Lido was built in 1931 and was closed permanently in 1988.  Inside the walls a very popular Splash Pool has been constructed. The original fountains either end have been lovingly restored. There are stories of the lido from Eastside Community Heritage and a video found on the following link
Barking Park Lido  – Hidden Histories
Pictures can be found on this link

♦Barrow Hill Green Swimming Pool ?Misspelling…
Editor: Barrowell Green Swimming Pool
Glimpse of a picture here  by Tony Ourris

♦Battery Park Lido – Greenock
Editor: Originally it was a Clyde floating bath just off Battery park to be replaced by a concrete bottomed pool in the 30s.  This in turn was closed once the Hector McNeil Modern Baths were opened in the 60s slightly more inland. (Now demolished for flats). Prior to Battery Park floating pool,  there had been one in late 19th century which sunk into the Clyde during gales.
Relevant pictures can be found on this link

Battery to another floating Bath at Gourock Bay, Upper Firth Of Clyde
Editor: This still remains
Secret Scotland featuring both Battery and Gourock
All about Gourock Pool – not lost… very much “alive.”

♦Bournemouth Pier Approach Swimming Baths
Editor: Fondest childhood memories.  Mum and Dad took me to many Aqua Shows here. I was wondering around the site in late summer 16.  It’s at present an outdoor activity/gig centre Lovely write ups on the following links:
www.bournemouthecho.co.uk.  The site from 1920s – to the present
Bournemouth Pier Approach Swimming Baths (pdf)  Wonderful History featuring the Opening by Roy Hodges
Wonderful Compilation Gallery – Alwyn Ladell.  Featuring the Pier Approach Baths 1937 – 1986 and a link through to the Imax building on the site and its demolition.

Bramhall Baths
Editor: Bramhall is 3 miles away from Stockport.
A personal page and photos from the Moor Allerton Centenary Website can be found here of the Bramhall Baths/Lido
As yet I cannot place the actual site of these “baths.”  I  have asked but no reply.

♦ Burnham Beeches Open Air Pool?
Editor: Forum Digital Spy
“Times Gone By”  Picture 1946   –  Farnham Royal Parish Council

Catford Lido (Bellingham)
Editor:  Lovely picture of the Lido with interesting write up by Andrew Simpson.   It was found along the Bromley Road.   This is in association with Peckham Rye – a similar Lido which closed 1987  Derelict London. Another picture of Catford Lido here. Opened 1922 – closed in the 80s.  Ideal Homes

♦ Cheadle Baths /Lido – Manchester
Editor: Unable to find a specific old Lido in Cheadle.  Nearest I can find is a
lovely old picture of indoor swimming bath in Children’s Homes Website Cheadle Hulme! wonderful website. Nearest outdoor pool is Hathersage Lido – not lost

♦ Cockenzie
Editor:  Pools in Cockenzie
Wonderful website here by Eric Hall (Lost Lidos participant! see Comments page)

Colwyn Bay Lido
Editor: Please see also Rhos Lido below (associated).
Lido pictures and memories here on Past and Present of Colwyn Bay 

♦ Dunbar Swimming Pool
Editor:  A great page with videos – The Lost Pool of Dunbar   Words by Gareth E. Rees (Unofficial Britain website).  And also well worth a visit! Dunbar Website/ Outdoor Pool  How amazing it looked.

♦ Heston Swimming Pool
Editor: Heston Swimming Baths. A brief history of Heston Swimming Pool by Andrea Cameron, in the HONESLAW CHRONICLE, Autumn 2013.
Article: Closing down to be demolished to make way for a new leisure centre
Outdoor Pool privately managednot lost…very much alive

Hucknall  Nottingham
Editor:  Closest I’ve come so far is Hood Park Open Air Swimming Pool. Open in season.
Nottingham Open Air Lidos now lost  Bulwell,  Carrington ……

Hunstanton Lido
Editor: Nice picture of Hunstanton Lido Norfolk
also Francis Frith picture (online copyright protection)
No historical info about the Lido found yet.
Nudged by a previous visitor Mary Farmery on this Lido. See comments page also…
On pooling news page

♦ Jubilee Pool – Penzance.
Editor: Not lost! – therefore not included on this site I am pleased to say! just had a big spend due to gale damage. Lido Website

♦ Kirkwell Meadow Lido – Cheshire
Editor: No info. traced as yet.

Manchester Lido
Editor: Article here by Stephen Lewis
“Manchester’s got everything except a beach and a Lido”
Featured is Hathersage Lido

Mitcham Pool,  London Road, London?
Editor: http://photoarchive.merton.gov.uk/collections/sports-and-leisure/swimming/50759

New Addington Lido
Editor: Plenty of pools and water parks near vicinity.  Not yet traced an historic old past lido.

North Finchley

♦ Okehampton Pool Devon?
Editor:  A mystery pool  ?? Bovey Tracey? See post already on this site

♦ Prestonpans
Editor:  No trace yet.  Near Cockenzie.

Rhos Lido – Colwyn Bay –  The Blue Dolphin – Conwy
A complex built  in 1933. Many functions were held here. During the 70s the Lido hit hard times and was threatened with closure.  An entrepreneur stepped in and demolished part of the building  (changing rooms etc) and used the rubble to make the pool shallower for a feature pool.  Attention was paid more to the tea rooms, restaurant and ballroom facilities. By 1985 the entire site was derelict. Please find a picture and the information and much more on this link –  Rhos Fynach History. 

♦ Rochester Lido/Pool?
Editor: Kent History Forum

♦ Rushey Green Lido
Editor:  See Catford above

Selly Oak Lido  Birmingham


♦Tooting – King George’s Lido
Editor:  There was once a small outdoor swimming pool in King George’s Park (originally Southfields Park) in the Wandsworth area of London,  built 1938 but it has been removed.  Must be differentiated between Tooting Bec Lido which is one of the largest open air swimming pools surviving and is patronised all year round.
A small picture and very good information on St. George’s can be found in Baths and Washhouses  “The New Open Air Pool”

lost lidos - not lost! troon-swimming-pool - image

Troon Swimming Pool (Private postcard collection AGJ) Click to +

♦ Troon Swimming Pond
Movie of the Opening of Troon Swimming Pond.
Shots of the Provost and dignatories having their photo taken, the Provost shaking hands with two swimmers.  Obtain info and view on the site only.

Victoria Park East London?
Editor: The Lido opened in 1936 and reopened in 1952 following damage during the Second World War; it was closed in 1986 and demolished in 1990.  Said to be akin to Margate.
Scroll down the page to find swimming pool excerpts

♦ Wealdstone Baths Harrow?
Editor: http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/image/epw044519?ref=14
Opened 1934 and lived for 60 years.  Closed 1997.  Left to rot and decay until at least 2006
Included here with Tarlair, Grange over Sands


Whipps Cross
Editor: In borough of Waltham Forest. Leytonstone
In 1905, a swimming pond was excavated by manual labour as part of an unemployment relief scheme. Known locally as “Batho” New pool built 1932 and closed 1982.  Now forest land.
More information on this link… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whipps_Cross
Jump to Whipps Cross Sub title
Lovely picture on this link Vestry House Museum

♦ Whorlton Lido
Editor::  Community discussion on this link “Whorlton Lido closed to the public” (2011)
Quote from site – “Paul Townley bought the popular beauty spot by the River Tees called Whorlton Lido because he was tired of the noise made by holiday-makers.”
Teesdale Mercury – Plans 2012
Darlington and Stockton Times – Picture and article 1991
Sounds a similar set up, initially,  to Grimley-on-Severn Lido (but always serene) on this site

♦ Wigan Lido – Greater Manchester
Editor: Unable to locate information on a 30s  (or iro)  outdoor Lido.  Southport Bathing Lake is referenced as the nearest one –  already featured on this site.
Picture and memories of Old Indoor Baths Wigan World
Pictures of Wigan Old  Indoor Baths 2008 and being demolished  to make way for a new International Pool.

Wimbledon Pool?
Editor: http://photoarchive.merton.gov.uk/collections/sports-and-leisure/swimming/31662

Windsor Lido (and River Lido)
Editor: The War Memorial Baths
Tremendous Forum including the starting of the life of Windsor Swimming Club in the Thames River







A snip of just a few of the Lidos featured

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