Horsham Lido – Lido in the Park – 1941 Gloriously cold pool

Horsham Lido. A Cold Dip in the Pool - image

A Cold Dip in the Pool – but fun! 1966

Horsham Lido.This pool was personal to me during the time I lived in Horsham.

Horsham Lido.A gloriously cold pool! frequented by myself for four years.  

Out of my front door, through the underpass under the main road North Street, and emerging into a lovely park straight to the Lido.

It was very well patronised. I remember the lovely sunny days spent splashing around and picnicking during the 60’s. I took my visitors there.

Horsham Lido - Afternoon Picnic at the Pool 1965

Lovely picnics with the girl and the boys! 1965

The Lido hosted Horsham Swimming Club, and I set up a small diving section.  The diving stage consisted of firm boards to a height of 3m and the pool possessed a 1m springboard covered in coconut matting.

I remember that the aim was to dive to the bottom where it was clear of algae. The pupils would know they’d made a good dive. If they hit the slippery bit then the entry into the water was too far out… bad dive!  This ensured most often they were good!

Horsham Lido From Outside to Inside. Horsham Pool today

OUTCOME: From Outside to Inside. On the same site. Horsham Pool 2000. Demolished 2001.  Became “Pavillions in the Park” Leisure Centre.


A Story

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For a history of the Horsham Lido / Pool, see publication: “Coming In?” 50 years of swimming in Horsham 1930 – 1980 by Neil Chapman. Obtainable from Horsham Museum,  9, The Causeway, Horsham, West Sussex,  RH12 1HE.

Loved it here when it was open air.  Did anyone remember the Lido as it was?

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