Scarborough Lidos - South and North Shore - 1914

Scarborough Lidos – South and North Shore – 1914

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Above picture… Lidos South Shore  – previous to the Lido days. A lovely view of days past.(Image Dennis & Sons London)  Post card collection agj enlarge+

Scarborough Lidos gradually evolved as “bits” were added over time.  Often victim to wild weather

Scarborough South Shore Bathing Pool construction began in 1914 with pillars, changing rooms, fountain, tiles and windows being added in 1930.  It was very popular for the school swimming galas during the 70’s

An anonymous contributor posted this. Transferred to the comments page  “Sensational Swimmers and Daring Divers at Scarborough” – thank you!  Ada Webb who opened Latchmere Baths as mentioned in the post of Latchmere Baths is featured […]


Latchmere Baths. Ada didnt mind either way, outside or inside


…here on this link.  One could say this is a bit of a shared post between the two pools! – thank you again to whoever posted this.

Scarborough Lidos South Shore. A few years later the same perspective - image

A few years later a similar perspective – a dip into heritage
Much fun on a lovely summers day.

Scaerborough Lidos South Shore Lido - ASA Front Cover Swimming Times - image

Priceless! Front cover of ASA Swimming Times 1948 enlarge

A very unusual diving stage with steps straight to a view not to be missed!

National Competitions took place in this pool.  Picture shows  a programme in 1948 of such an event.

Scarborough Lidos - Guardian article - image

The Guardian –  click on image for complete article.  Diver Betty Cuthbert swept from boards…


Scarborough Lidos South Shore - Eve at the Pool - image

Eve at the Pool. 1921.enlarge +

A priceless little gem.  Small interruptions in clip but soon resumes.

Scarborough Lidos South Shore Lido, neglected and demolished - image

The site of the neglected Pool and after demolition.

OUTCOME: The pool finally closed in 1989. It was freezing cold and gave in to the elements. It lay derelict for a number of years.

The *”Star Disk” occupies the pool site today.   The Link takes you to fascinating information. 

*The Star Disk is the largest illuminated Disk anywhere in the UK.  It is 85 feet (26 m) across and is fitted with subterranean lights representing the 42 brightest stars and major constellations that can be seen from Scarborough in the northern skies.

(Extra info-just north of the area,  the famous Holbrook Hotel slipped into the sea.)

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Scarborough – North Shore Lido

Also a Swimming and Diving National Championships venue in 1949

“Scarborough is a seaside resort which fulfils every requirement of the holidaymaker. Natural beauty and entertainment.

Apart from safe sea bathing it offers two truly magnificent pools. Continually filtered, a delight not only for the bathers but the onlookers and sun worshippers.”

Scarborough Lidos South and North Shore portrayed on a Railway Poster - image

Scarborough Lidos


Scarborough Lidos. North Shore Water Venue before demise - image

Water Venue North Shore where once major swimming events took place – click image to enlarge


OUTCOME: The North Shore Pool became a water world venue in recent years. It is now filled in and demolished.  The Sands Project (luxury apartments) is taking over the site.


Morecambe – Super Swimming Stadium 1936

Lots of Lidos List! 


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