Trentham Gardens Open Air Pool - image

Trentham Gardens Lido – A Watery Oasis in the Park – 1935

Trentham Gardens Lido above  – private postcard collection. (Valentine & Sons Ltd.) AGJ

Trentham Gardens Lido

Looks a lovely pool to research the history.  I believe it was art deco in design.

To be updated soon with my own hunt!

Trentham Gardens Lido site - image

Trentham Gardens Lido possible site?  NO.  Google earth. I have been corrected. The arrowed water is in fact the reservoir for the gardens and not the remains of the lido. Please see comment below. Very interesting.  I shall leave this here because someone took his time to correct me!

Now found the actual site thank you Google earth.  I knew where to look.  Will be visiting Trentham Gardens and Archives in the spring.

Trentham Gardens Lido site

The Lido site what is today… near the Monkey Forest. Middle picture two direction enlargement of red pointer – left


Lost Lidos interactive. Dip in - imageMeanwhile further EXCELLENT pictures can be seen on this link Waynes Tutorials.  The forest provides the backdrop (copyright in force)  


Any tip-offs meanwhile.  Anyone swim here?

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