Lostlidos. Recording the Wonder of, and Finding Lidos 94 plus.

Above floodlit South Shore Lido – The Swimming Coliseum Blackpool

Dive into Wonder of Lostlidos and Memories

 Lostlidos interest started in 1994.
Research grew by touring around the country and Libraries.

Then!  the world wide web came into being!

Lostlidos. This website on Lost Lidos features old original newspaper articles and images plus some history of these many once loved baths and lidos.

Read comments from others and look up the “Pooling Lidos” on Lidos that have gone; ailing lidos; threatened lidos…also some restored lidos.  There are some old Pathe Clips of many of these haunts during their heydays, now gone.

Some of the famous past swimmers and divers are mentioned too, who used the Lidos giving many of the exhibitions,  that crowds flocked to watch.

The website pays tribute to these wonderful memories and haunts of the past.

An index of all featured lidos and baths on the site is found here.

Always pleased to hear from you.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy reading about the lidos.

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Why not start here and follow the links through. Swimming in…

 Danson Park Lido – Welling.


About Diving

Local History
A Road of Distinction (pdf)
Booklets Published by Reading Libraries 2018

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