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Start Up of a Club.  Albatross History

This is an extension to this website and has its own button in the header menu!  Extracts and covering the first 14 years of a new high competitive sport in Reading in a brand new state of the art swimming and diving complex Central Pool 1967.
It is from a history of diving in Reading which was written to help support the threatened closure of the Central Swimming Pool in the town in 2002/4.  The pool sadly closed its doors  January of this year 2018 after being home to many families and the many International and Olympic swimmers and divers that emerged from this pool.  Albatross  celebrates it 40th Anniversary this year, but in actual fact 50 years plus of high competitive diving in the town.

So Dive In…..

An online version together with  updates from a little book I wrote for kiddies and their parents to understand the sport of diving.   Also includes a new section  for those that want to teach the sport.  Notes taken from a manuscript I wrote for new teachers and coaches when setting up the above diving club.  Used by the Amateur Swimming Association diving coaches for the World Start Up.   This was a programme for selecting children for intensive training for future potential Olympians and International representation.

Kings Meadow Ladies Open Air Baths to become the Jewel in the Town …..

Now named Thames Lido.  Built in 1902 it had its doors closed in 1974.  It laid abandoned and neglected until there were plans being made for its demolition.  Campaigners got together and it was eventually Grade II Heritage Listed.  The website has  now a different aspect in that it contains the  story of the fight to keep it  going for future restoration.  Included are  many architectural opinions on the building.

A Road of Distinction…..

A Library Publication. This is the History of a Noble Road in Reading – Southcote Road during the mid 19th century to mid 20th century.  It is about all the houses and persons who lived in them who were very eminent in their time with strong associations to Reading Abbey and many architecturally renouned buildings within the town and surrounding areas.  Many of the business men were instrumental in founding the success of Reading,  plus being home to a noble family.  Many of the houses are gone replaced by apartment blocks but  my research has helped one of the great houses – Omer House pictured –  to be locally listed which was otherwise in line for demolition. Copies in the Library are for reference only,  but if you are a local person – or otherwise, and interested,  I do have copies myself.


From fact to fantasy fiction,  the story of a Wondrous Mammoth – Shamoshelimyticleletite who had many powers.  Two teenage boys Eddie and Ollie were out in the woods one day when…

A Selection of Poems…..

Included  in various Anthology’s

Memory Lane – my life on the boards and in the pools…..

This was a publication by the Amateur Swimming Association “Swimming Times”  January 2015.