Sudbury Vale Farm Swimming Pool - image

Sudbury Vale Farm Lido – 1932  A family treasure with wide open spaces

Sudbury Vale Farm Lido above.  Picture from “Wembley Matters” – Wembley History Society 50s – click


Sudbury Vale Farm Lido - Blue water - image

Sudbury Vale Farm Lido – a large expanse of blue glistening water. Thanks to Wembley Area Library 1994 helping me browse and scan. Tweaked agj

Sudbury Vale Farm Lido saw families treasuring the wide open spaces around. 

Sudbury Vale Farm Lido was inspiringly large

Sudbury Vale Farm Lido at play - image

At Play in Sudbury Vale Farm Lido 1930s  Enlarge + Thanks to Wembley Area Library 1994.

Sudbury Vale Farm Lido saw families saw  time spent with with fun, and excitement. It was valued as a great asset in many ways. Many children must be filled with memories of learning to swim in this delightful large lido. There were playing fields a stones throw away.[…]

Swimming in Danson Park Lido – Welling

…from Sudbury Vale Farm Lido.   Children must remember splashing around wildly within the confines of its 55 yard by 25 yard capacity.
The pool held 400,000 gallons, turned around in 6 hours.
The 3 metre firm board, 3 metre springboard with two 1 metre springboards facilitated children to learn to plunge into the 8 ft. 6 inches deep sparkling water.

Sudbury Vale Farm Lido - crowds - image

Crowds at Sudbury Vale Farm Lido 40s. Enlarge + Thanks to Wembley Area Library 1994.

In those days, the pool would have met the criteria for staging serious diving competitions.

The bathing pool had a heating plant but due to high costs and extremely high heat losses, the heating unit was not used following the war. As well as a social venue, the cafe was always there to provide a hot cupper on the chillier occasions It could be hired out for private functions.

Sudbury Vale Farm Lido - Lady swimmer in for an early plunge - image

Early morning swimming fanatic. Thanks to Wembley Area Library helping me browse. 1994.

OUTCOME:  Swimmers were asked to make the most of it during 1978, as the pool would be closing for good.

Not all bad news as it would be replaced by an indoor complex. One particular “regular” was a little unhappy at the thought of losing her therapeutic dips twice a day.

 Concern  was that the new pool would be half the size of the old one and would have to accommodate the same number of Vale Farm users.

Sudbury Farm Lido site - Sudbury Lido today - image

However, despite protesting letters, the council saw there was not the demand for an open-air pool used for just 5 months of the year, where as an indoor pool would be open all year round despite smaller dimensions.

Sudbury Vale Farm Lido

Original Plan of situation of Lido. with Sports Arena to the left and Football ground to the right. Enlarge + Thanks to Wembley Area Library 1994 helping me browse and scan.

Who remembers this lovely lido?

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