KIngsbury Swimming Pool - image

Kingsbury Swimming Pool-Roe Green Park-Wembley 1939

Newspaper Article above with quote from Anne Jessel  “In at the Deep End to Aid Pool Plan” Times Series  Wednesday 6/7/05


Kingsbury Swimming Pool Roe Green Park - image

Kingsbury Swimming Pool Roe Green Park Wembley Area Library 1994

Kingsbury Swimming Pool – Roe Green Park – 1939

Kingsbury Pool Opening 1939 saw display of floating and fancy swimming and diving took place, and the participants from Highgate Diving Club and Polytechnic Swimming Club were presented with Souvenirs by the Mayoress.

Kingsbury Swimming Pool opening programme cover - image

Kinsbury Swimming Pool was to witness a wonderful opening programme. During the afternoon music was provided by Eric Gordon and his Band together with the Wembley Silver Band.
Wembley believed in progress – and foresight. Kingsbury Swimming Pool enveloped both serving a population of 130,000.

The Pool was attractively set back from the Kingsbury Road, the approach made through iron gates with wide entrance carriage width bordered by flowers. The setting […]

Purley Way Lido A famous OZONE Pool    One of its kind

…was amidst ornamental gardens with backdrops of grassland and trees. Very spacious it was a facility for young and old alike, with sunbathing terraces, cafe with dance floor and children’s paddling pool.
It was a place for lazy lounging, thrilling competitions in summer and social occasions in winter.


Kingsbury Swimming Pool Exterior - image

Exterior of the Pool – set back from Kingsbury Road. had a lovely approach with ornamental gardens. Wembley Area Library 1994


Kinsbury Swimming Pool - image

The Construction of Kingsbury Pool Wembley Area Library 1994

The pool sadly, after such a good start, had a chequered career with unscheduled closures and unpredictable summer weather. Unfortunately  it declined as a popular bathing venue.

Kingsbury Swimming Pool

For the engineer! The filtration unit- Kingsbury Pool 1930. Wembley Area Library 1994

OUTCOME: It was officially closed in 1988 and there were plans to turn it into a multi – complex leisure centre.

Kingsbury Swimming Pool - image

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Bids were made but eventually the pool was demolished completely in 1991. There was a covenant on the land that it was only to used as recreation facilities for local people. 

Kingsbury Swimming Pool - Site -image

Site of Kingsbury Pool – note the original driveway up to the once Pool. Google earth


What a shame it vanished. Younger generations of today would never know they are playing on a once watery haven.  Did anyone swim here?

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