Gladstone Park swimming pool - image

Gladstone Park Swimming Pool. An open air oasis in Dollis Hill-1903

Gladstone Swimming Pool portrayed in art.  From private postcard collection agj

Gladstone Park Swimming Pool

Gladstone Park Swimming Pool was set in a very pleasant family picnic park,  and I believed originally its site was the bowling green  nestling inside Gladstone Park. Opened by Lord Aberdeen the 18th July in 1903.
I was kindly informed via this site that the bowling green was at the top of the hill and the pool at the lower end. 

Gladstone Park Swimming Pool - image

Thanks to Brent Library allowing and helping my research 1994. Enlarge

Admission to boys and men was free on Monday, Thursday, Saturday
and Sunday and 3d on Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday was […]


Horsham Open Air Swimming Pool  – Another pool in the Park


…Ladies Day with a charge of 3d in the morning and free during the afternoon.

Gladstone Swimming Pool - image

Thanks to Brent Library helping and allowing my research 1994

A haven for families and young children, it was a delightful kidney shaped pool, rendered and painted in light blue. Pictures 50s and 30s. It had a straight 25 metre length making it competition viable.
In terms of diving, because of the sloping sides, the pool had just two 1 Metre springboards, and a low firmboard.  The depth varied from 2′ 6ins to 5′ 6 ins. The pool held 500,000 gallons of water which turned over every 8 hours.

Thanks to Brent Library helping and allowing my research 1994 + 1950s

A Chalet provided refreshments, but this was outside the perimeter of the pool.  Changing cubicles overlooked the pool and were situated either side of the ticket office – males to the right and females to the left.

OUTCOME: Between 65-70 years old. The Lido was demolished to make way for new facilities which didn’t after all, happen on this site. The site is now a tranquil picnic area providing an alternative healthy outdoor living, and if you look carefully you can JUST make out the outline of the pool.  


Gladstone Park Swimming Pool 1945 and today

Gladstone Park Swimming Pool 1945 and today. Google earth. Enlarge +


What a shame it’s no longer there. Can anyone offer more hints?

Many more pools in the Parks to scan