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Lime Grove Baths – Hammersmith 1907. Swimming & Boxing

Above featuring Lime Grove Baths. It looks like a mansion rather than a public facility.

Lime Grove Baths had the deep end sink to a depth of 8 feet to allow “high diving” from the four tiered diving stage.

The walls were lined with glazed tiles and the bath was converted into a public hall during some times of the year often staging boxing matches

Lime Groves Baths - comemmoration medal - image

Lime Grove Baths Opening. Commemorative Medal presented to E. W Francis 1907. My thanks to the family for allowing publication. Click to enlarge

Lime grove baths were opened by His Worshipful The Mayor of Hammersmith E.C. Rawlings on November 7th 1907. at 4.30pm.

The opening gala included an aquatic display arranged by the Committee starting at 6.30pm.
The building contained a second class bath which was to remain open at the time of the eventual demise of the First Class Bath owing to structural problems with the roof. The bath “pond” was constructed of thick reinforced concrete having walls 7 inches thick.
When the Bath was converted into an entertainments hall a temporary floor was installed.

 Lime Grove Baths - Swimming Pool and Boxing Hall

Lime Grove Baths – Swimming Pool and Boxing Hall 

The continuity of the segmental character of the roof across the skylight is carried out by means of glazed iron sashes made to slide. This added accoustic properties as well as enhancing architectural effect. The walls are built in glazed bricks, the cornice and architrave being in Carrara ware.There were ample exits both into Lime Grove and Scotts Road, some exits leading from the laundry and the public Washhouse. The private baths had granolithic flooring and enamelled oak cubicles, with divisions of enamelled slate. During 1935/36 there were 226,127 bathers.

It was home to the Penguin Swimming Club which was a men’s club founded in 1921 by Ron Derbyshire, and with his wife Alice who shared his enthusiasm founded the Hammersmith Ladies Swimming Club in 1916. 

OUTCOME: The main bath was doomed during 1980 due to the roof’s inner skin breaking away, and it was decided to keep the second class pool open until the opening of the new swimming complex at Bloemfontein Road (Janet Adecote Centre) Lime Grove Baths closed down.

Lime grove Baths - Old Print of the Baths - image

Old Print of the Baths 1907 with additional lay out of Baths – Click to enlarge

Lime Grove Baths - Exterior of Lime Grove Baths - image

Exterior of Lime Grove Baths- Click to enlarge

To look at the picture here you wouldn’t think that this building represented a swimming bath.  I wonder how many Puneyites used these facilities?

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