Ramsgate Marina Pool - image

Ramsgate Marina Pool -1935 – Landmarking History in Thanet

Ramsgate Marina Pool above. Private postcard collection. Paragos series Margate. AGJ

Ramsgate Marina Pool  was one of the biggest attractions in Thanet.

Ramsgate marina - The Opening Ceremony of the fine Ramsgate marina Pool

The Opening Ceremony of the fine Ramsgate Marina Pool.  Thanet Advertiser 1935.  Thanet Heritage. 1994 enlarge +

 The holiday weekends heaved.

Ramsgate Marina Pool - 1935 Thanet Heritage Services 1994 - image

Ramsgate Marina Pool 1935 Thanet Advertiser. Thanet Heritage Services Margate Library. Penny Ward. H.O 1994 enlarge ++

“Tomorrow 21st July 1935 will see another landmark in the history of Ramsgate.  It is the official opening of the Marina Bathing Pool and Cafes by His Worship the Mayor Alderman Dye.”

Ramsgate Marina Pool - All Lined up for the Plunge Daily Sketch 1935 - image

All Lined up for the Plunge  – Daily Sketch 1935 Thanet Heritage 1994 enlarge +

The Mayors opening words were the signal for a mass plunge into the pool.   Members of the Ramsgate Swimming Club and the Royal Air Force Swimming Club from Manston Camp dived in.

Ramsgate Marina Pool The Magnicent Diving Boards - image

The Magnicent Diving Boards. Kent Express 1994 Thanet Heritage.


A Mannequin Parade of Bathing Beauties in alluring swim suits took place.   An exhibition of high diving thrilled the crowds from the superb diving platform.

Ramsgate Marina Pool - Relaxing chatter in the lovely restaurant - image

Relaxing chatter in the lovely restaurant. Kent Express1935. Thanet Heritage1994.   enlarge +

There was an  opulent cafe overlooking the bathing and boating pools. it was  built in an attractive style.    A car park was under the cafe which would take at least 50 cars.

Ramsgate Marina Bathing Pool Trophy - image

Ramsgate Marina Bathing Pool Trophy. Margate Library. Thanet Advertiser.  Thanet Heritage 1994. enlarge +

A  Marina Swimming Challenge Trophy  was awarded annually.

Ramsgate Marina Pool Bathers 1935 Heritage Services Margate Library 1994 - image

Many Bather enjoying the lovely pool. 1935. Original image –  Heritage Services,  Margate Library 1994.  enlarge +

Ramsgate Marina Pool - image

The Marina Pool Ramsgate (Image by Valentine’s Printers Dundee)

The pool was marked off in various depths.  It had circular rafts for sunbathing.

The Construction of the Ramsgate Marina Pool

Ramsgate Marina Pool - Construction of the Pool 1935 - image

Construction of the Ramsgate Marina Pool – Heritage Library Services 1994.  enlarge +

This image shows the Pool during construction.   It was taken July 1st 1935 and it was opened 20 days later!

The old Marina Bathing Station had  70 odd wooden bathing huts and a Swimming Club Hut.  These were  demolished to make way for a new promenade and dressing accomodation for the pool.

Ramsgate Marina Pool showing the boating pool AGJ Private collection - image

Showing the boating pool at the bottom end of the Complex. AGJ Private collection

The entire complex comprised a boating pool at the lower end. The other end had a recreational dancing/roller skating rink. There was car parking under the cafe.

Floodlit bathing played a major part in relaxation swimming. Ramsgate Marina Bathing Pool during holiday weekends,  had easily 5000 passing through the turnstiles.   Water Polo matches were frequent.  There were many spectacular displays of swimming and diving.  In fact there was a date in September when the famous US diver Pete Desjardins was flown over specially  to give a display.


Two perspectives – The Lido lived on for 50 years. Sadly it succombed to the same threats as most lidos at the time. This was down to the climate change and weather conditions.  Package holidays abroad where the sunshine was guaranteed,  all took its toll on patronage.

I believe also there was a problem with the draining of the pool that caused possible exacerbation of its demise. With bathers  dwindling  it eventually was abandoned and left to decay.   It became an eyesore and local businessman Mr John Bates filled in the site.   He applied white paint to the surrounds in  attempt to smarten up what was left of the pool.   Eventually it was totally demolished

Ramsgate Marina Pool - The site 1999 AGJ - image

It’s hard to believe a dazzling swimming pool stood here for 50 years- taken in 1999. AGJ

Ramsgate Marina Pool - The site of the lovely Pool AGJ 1999 - image

The site of the lovely Marina Bathing Pool. Standing over the restaurant area. 1999.  Can you believe what once was here?  Incredible  AGJ. enlarge +

Ramsgate Marina Pool - Car Park 2012 - over roof of former restaurant - image

Car park 2012 AGJ

The road leads to the car park and is presumably at the level of the former entrance.   The road possibly being what was the roof of the former restaurant and the dancing and roller skating  area?

It was very nostalgic wandering over the site.  I could hear the splashing, shouting and excitement all around.  Anyone swim here, more hints?

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