Grimley-on-Severn Lido - A 1920s - 1970s Sunday afternoon outing

Grimley-on-Severn Lido – A 1920s – 1970s Sunday afternoon outing

Grimley-on-Severn Lido in Worcestershire was a favourite haunt for many families.

Great fun bathing, and camping in the farmers field. Milk and egg collections, drinks and refreshments were served from a “lean to” attached to 15th/16th century cottages. 

From “lean to” on the back of cottages serving the bathers,  eventually graduating to the “A La Carte” Restaurant of today.

Grimley-on-Severn Lido was a must for a Sunday afternoon outing.  Lots of childhood memories.days of the balmy summer weather.

Families would pack a picnic for a long day and with the farmers consent have a few days away from it all.  They would take along their camping gear. Many many days were spent in this lovely paradise when all the summer days seemed long and warm.

Grimley-on-Severn Lido - Family riverside enjoyment - Sunday afternoon

My family with Mum and Dad enjoying a picnic.  Me with the bottle!

Mud slinging in the Severn

Mud slinging in the Severn

Grimley-on-severn lido - Severn Carry - image

The “Severn Carry” A wonderful Sunday outing. All the summer days seemed golden. Enlarge ++

Grimley-on-Severn Lido - Splashing fun - image

Enlarge ++

The banks of the river along the stretch of the “Lido” were carefully maintained and trimmed, and there were steps. Usually these were of packed mud. They led down to the little beaches to play, paddle and the more adventuresome waded into the water further and took a swim across the river.

Meadows stretched far back and the feeling was of freedom and space

 River bathing during the 50s was at its height and Grimley-on-Severn was no exception.

OUTCOME: The Grimley-on-Severn Lido was an escape away from it all until the 70s, when certain health and safety rules concerning swimming in rivers came into force. The “Lido” closed, and the farmland is devoid of the family activities of the past. Although still lovely, there is a quiet that wasn’t there in the 40s – 60s, lacking the squeals of excitement as little toes wiggled at the waters edge.

 It’s now a peaceful fishing haven with cows quietly grazing

A personal Sunday afternoon treat with Mum and DadI wonder how many remember swimming, camping and spending carefree pickicking days here,  like I and my sisters did?

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