The Lido Margate -image

Margate Lido – 1927.The Lively Lido Terraces close to Dreamland

Margate Lido – The Lido – 1927. The Lively Lido

Also had a close affinity with Margate’s Dreamland.

It was the perfect setting for Bathing Beauties and Miss Lovely Legs Contests.

Margat Lido - Heyday of The Lido - image

Heyday of The Lido. Margate Library Penny Ward 1994

Margate Lido featured image above was taken from the holiday brochure of the time. Margate Library Penny Ward 1994
This lovely semi-circular lido nestled at the foot of three terraces, consisting – a theatre, dance cavern, saloons and sun terraces.

From above the cliff, one looked down the terraces onto the antics of excited children, sliding down the chutes, with parents keeping eyes on excited children. The pool was in action until 1975. and was and indeed a major land mark along the sandy beaches, attracting many from far.

Mermaids at The Lido - Click to Pathe clip.

Mermaids at The Lido 1931- Silent. Good views of the pool 1 minute into clip. Click on Pathe clip.

Margate Lido was a favourite venue for glamour and beauty!Girls paraded around the perimeter of this dazzling blue pool under cloudless skies. Many celebrities visited, having to juggle, confer, endeavouring and hoping to make the right choice awarding the crown! A delightful scene, with many wonderful permanent friendships formed at this very lively lido.


Margate Lido - image

Thanks to Mike Cowdrey for these pictures, which I located and attached them to Margate! +

Margate Lido family time - image


Margate Lido - Hard to imagine the fun and activity and livliness - Picture 2003 agj - image

Hard to imagine the fun and activity that took pride of place along the sea shore – Picture 2003 agj

OUTCOME: Margate lido was closed during the 70’s, after a life of 50 years or so. It’s hard from this photo, (taken in 2003) to imagine the liveliness of this joyous landmark on the beach, the terraces, and the huge vibrancy and colour that had existed. The terraces leading down to the lido are now car parking areas however…
the “Lido” monolith is still in place on the prom. which signals the past.

The sun still shines down,  but only in memories and imagination can you hear the vibrancy around you.

Margate Lido - "The Lido".These pictures were taken in 2003

The Lido – the remains – 2003 agj Click to enlarge