Oulton Broad Lido plus Beccles River Bathing Lido – 1873

Oulton Broad Lido

Oulton Broad Lido -image

Oulton Broad Lido. A lovely old picture Suffolk County Libraries – Kerry Meal – (1996)

Oulton Broad Lido was a very popular lido and well patronised. Situated in the delightful Nicholas Everitt Park – there was an expanse of green situated beside Oulton Broad Lido with a variety of habitats. Photo taken 1940


Oulton Broad Lido. Swimming Club Members -image

Oulton Broad Swimming Club Members Suffolk County Libraries – Kerry Meal – (1996)

In the centre of the park is a traditional bandstand surrounded by visitor attractions. As well as once having the Oulton Broad Swimming Club, the Park has been home to the Lowestoft and Oulton Broad Motor and Sailing Clubs.

Outlon Broad Lido. beginning with Sailing, followed by good shots of the Lido with comic Diving Exhibition!

Outlon Broad Lido,  fashion at the Lido. 1931 Click on Pathe clip

Nice pictures of sailing on the Broad followed by good shots of the pool 00.55 into clip  – fashion , swimming and Comic Diver.

OUTCOME: Sadly the swimming pool no longer exists, I want to add more information. I believe the site is that of the Boulevard Club.

Added note, I have been informed by Karl that the pool tank is still there. It’s not been used as a swimming pool for some years but was used by surfers when they installed some water stream in it. It can be seen from Google earth

Beccles – Old Bathing Place – 1874

Oulton Broad Lido. Beccles Old Bathing Place -image

Beccles Old Bathing Place 1894   Suffolk County Libraries – Kerry Meal – (1996)

Beccles old bathing place 1873 saw the purchase of the Old Granary on the banks of the river Waveney in Puddingmoor for the sum of £300.

The building was to be used as a dressing room for people bathing in the river

This was the beginning of the history of organised outdoor Swimming in Beccles. “

In 1894, 108 yards of the river frontage was cordoned off and enclosed with and post and plank fence. The planking was fixed to stout posts, driven firmly into the bed of the river, a gap below the fence allowed the flow to change the depth of water. Cubicles were built for changing rooms: one set for ladies and one for the gentlemen separated by a large communal changing room for youth and boys. For girls there were six or eight wooden huts.” Dorothy Smith

The days of the long legged, high necked swimming costumes for the ladies, including mop cap. A blue and white striped regulation costume for the men. Every costume was washed, pressed and aired ready for the next swim!

Did the Suffolk County Amateur Swimming Association stage their 440 yards Championship here at the Beccles Regatta in 1913?

OUTCOME: The days of river swimming slowly declined, mainly for health reasons, but on a positive note the building of lidos and pools increased including the new Ingleton Outdoor Swimming Pool close by in 1959, a traditional heated pool, available during the summer months. The pool basks alongside the River Waveney in Puddingmoor, Beccles.

The Beccles Pool had become neglected and derelict threatened with closure. Campaigners won their battle with a little help from 10 Downing Street and Beccles Pool is once again thriving and in business!!! ( It is not council run.)



Oulton Broad Lido.Beccles Lido on the River -image

Great Achievement! Beccles Lido on the River. Google earth. Click to enlarge

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