Lowestoft Grand indoor Baths - image

Lowestoft Grand Indoor Baths. Indoor old Sea Water Baths

Lowestoft Grand indoor Baths - image


Lowestoft Grand Indoor Baths above were filled with water from the sea.

Lowestoft Grand Indoor Baths - image

Lowestoft Grand Indoor Sea Water Baths – 1915. Suffolk Libraries, Kerry Meal 1996

There are still quite a number of people in Lowestoft that look back to the days when the town had it’s own 1986 indoor swimming pool situated just a walk up from the beach and around the corner into London Road South.

Lowestoft Grand Indoor Baths had a chequered life. There was a pipe which led from the swimming pool to the sea which was used to draw fresh sea water for the bath. For a time it was used as an ice skating rink. It was opened for business for swimming again in 1916.12 lessons for £1.1s.

By 1920 apparently there was little demand for an indoor swimming pool in the town at that time – North Denes Pool was in operation and there were plans for the new Gorlesden Outdoor Pool to be opened in 1939 – and so the “Grand” old swimming Pool was converted into the Grand Cinema when movies were having a demanding impact on entertainment  It was decided that it would change to a Picture Palace. One of the first films to be screened was “Nobody’s Child.”

Lowestoft Grand Inddor Baths Exterior -image

Exterior of the Baths – becoming a Cinema – and here a Bingo Hall and Grand Sporting Club 1956 Suffolk Libraries. Kerry Meal 1996

The rubble of the swimming basin remained underneath the new cinema floor. It prospered well until 1956 but when the oncoming of rival TV came along it was decided to convert it to a Grand Bingo Club, and Grand Sporting Club. During 1964 there was planned a launderette on part of the site too.

OUTCOME: Until 1972 the exterior of the building remained very much despite its many uses. Many people lamented at the buildings passing when the doors closed for good in 1990. There was much planning, debate and talk for another future basic indoor pool, but on a different site. Water Lane saw a 25m indoor pool which finally came to fruition and opened in 1974.

Lowestoft Grand Indor Baths - image

The Kirkley Business and Conference Centre.  Emulates the old architecture of the Baths in a sort of modern way. Google earth

The site of the  Grand Old Baths became the The Kirkley Centre. This is a unique business conference and training venue in Lowestoft Suffolk, owned by the Community Forum. 

A well loved old sea water baths of the time. Do you sit in an office in the Kirkley Business Centre? Does anyone have any further hints?

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