Acknowledgements to these persons

Acknowledgements – “Without the help and time and willingness of these people Lost Lidos wouldn’t have come together.  Much appreciation and thanks….”

Anne Green Jessel – Personal contributions and photographs (ongoing)… and websites. Richard Jessel my husband for his patience notching up the miles driving me around – 1993 to present.
Pool Steps

Some pictures are taken from the original authentic newspaper cuttings in keeping with the historical genre of the site.  The website is non-profit;  non -commercial.  Purely for information and education.

Acknowledgements to…

Birmingham Central Library – Patrick Baird (1994)
Birmingham Evening Mail – Nell Elkes (2004)
Birmingham Local Studies Librarian and Author- Marian Baxter (2007)
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Brighton – My Brighton & Hove
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Bye-Gone Butlins
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Earls Court Timelines
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Google Earth
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Isander Ladies Diving Club
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Knowle Library – Local History – Janet Erzen and Diana Harris 2012
Paul Wray – Thanks for the Memories
Paul Noble photo – “Our True Intent is all for your Delight”
Opensure – Webspace – Kevin Dontenville – (ongoing)
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Marshall Street
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Yarmouth (Great) Norfolk County Council – Michael Bean 1993
Individual Contributors
Alf Jones(family of) re Woodcock Street/Bourneville
Bob Cooke re Blackrock Lido
Charles Burt re Slough and Kings Meadow
Charlie Chute – Wembley Times-(2005)
Colleen Thatcher re Reading Lidos
Darren Webb re Malvern Park Lido
David White – Spencers Wood (1993)
Diana Harris – Surbiton and Solihull
Doris Johnson – re Kings Meadow
Dorothy Smith – words of…
Express and Star Wolverhampton – Bob Kane, News Editor- 2005
George Pullen (family of)
Glynis Ormsby re Martins Pool Wokingham
Harold Hill (family of ) re Reading
Hope & Bentley Family embedded from Utube
Jennyann BHWF
Joan Astell – Minehead and Surbiton 2004
Jones(family of Alf)
John Boyd ASA ST’s re memories
John Innes re The Bath Tub
John Francis – Commemorative Medals (Lime Grove Baths)
Keith Berry re Brookfield Park
Keith Jenny re Brookfield Park
Ken Willmott – Reading (1993)
Lord Brett Mclean of Hastings
Expess and Star – Bob Kane, News Editor
George Pullen (family of)
Malcolm Stringer re. Scarbrook Road Baths Croydon. (2016)
Maxwell Spurr – re Reading
Neil Henderson re Scarbrook Road Baths Croydon 2018
Olwen Newbold – Re Kingfisher and Stewponey
Pauline Wilson – re Reading Kings Meadow
Peter Lindfield re Pictures (2012)
Reading Evening Post
R.H. Sherwood – Earley (1993) Speedwell Enterprises (Storage) – Slough (2004)
Steven Beachamp additional Info on Birmingham Pools (2016)
Sydney Gold – from Reading Library *