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Heene Road Baths – Worthing Corporation Baths – 1866


Helene Road Baths Back in the old days - Worthing - image

Back in the old days Heene Road Baths – Worthing Gazette 1948 tweaked by agj  M.A Hayes Principle Librarian Local Studies.  West Sussex County Council 1994

heene road baths - image

Heene Road Baths following the extension. Worthing Gazette 1948 M.A Hayes Principle Librarian Local Studies 1994

Heene Road Baths the Worthing Corporaton Baths in fact started out as a gymnasium with a small water works that provided emergency supplies during the typhoid outbreak in 1893.

Designed by Mr G.A. Dean it was in elaborate Gothic style, and in 1907 on the 15th June after reconstruction Sir Henry Aubrey- Fletcher M.P. opened the building as swimming baths. It was of adequate dimensions to form a swimming Club with programmes of entertainment and Aquatic Galas way into the 1900s. The forecourt was laid out with tennis courts until in later years when they became the car parking area.

Heene Road swimming Galas - image

Heene Road Baths – 1900 was the first Swimming Gala. Click to enlarge


The 2 looks of Heene Road - image

An extension is visible between the two pictures Worthing Gazette 1948.  Heene Road Baths had many facade’s! M.A Hayes Principle Librarian Local Studies 1994

The one downfall initially was that it was not large enough to host water polo matches and the baths underwent an extension programme featuring a larger bath. During the war years the small bath was closed and for it’s re-opening in May 1948, it had undergone major overhaul with fresh chlorinated and heated water. Many children learned to swim there and was also used for Commando exercises and training.

Heene Road Baths - brand new - image

The Brand New Building 1866. 1872 as a gym. To have further reconstruction by 1907 to become swimming baths,  and further extension to the swimming baths 1948. Worthing Herald. M.A Hayes Principle Librarian Local Studies 1994

Heene Road Baths closure - image

Heene Road Baths just before closure 1968 M.A Hayes Principle Librarian Local Studies 1994

OUTCOME: The Baths remained in use until 1968, before being demolished 5 years later. The former recreational site is now occupied by a petrol filling station and the MGM Assurance office block.

Heene Road baths site today - image

The white roof is the Esso Garage with the MGM Assurance Building to the right

The site is situated 200 yds up from the beach which is off to the right

It looked a beautifully architecturally designed building.  How many remember these baths?  Any tip offs?

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