Worthing Lido - The Lido 1959.  Formerly a famous Bandstand

Worthing Lido – The Lido 1959.  Formerly a famous Bandstand

Worthing Lido above  after transformation from the Band Stand Area. Local Studies West Sussex County Council 1994
Courtesy of M.A. Hayes Principle Librarian. Local Studies West Sussex County Council 1994 and Dr Sally White Principle Curator West Sussex Museum

Worthing Lido saw all smiles and excitement as Gold Olympic Medallist Miss Judy Grinham opened the new Lido Centre in May 1959 with Miss Angela Barnwell Worthings own Olympic Swimmer


Worthing Lido - image

Worthing Lido.  Courtesy of MA Hayes. Local Studies West Sussex County Council 1994

Worthing Lido was an unheated salt water Lido attracted 8,613 people in the first two weeks of opening. Dimensions of the pool were 100ft x 42ft wide with depth of water varying between 3ft and 7ft 6ins. There wasn’t a diving stage at first but eventually a low board stage with 1 metre springboard was installed.

Worthing Lido crowds-image

A crowded pool tweaked by agj Courtesy of MA Hayes Local Studies West Sussex County Council 1994

By the time the Lido closed at the end of it’s first season it had been expected that 82,000 people would have paid to swim or relax. Altogether the Lido was in use for 19 weeks, including Whit weekend, but…it was out of order on four occasions whilst slits were repaired in the plastic lining, which was finally removed.

Mr J.H. Coates Director of Entertainment said that […]


Blackrock Lido further along the coast towards Brighton’s Beauties

…during winter the Lido situation would be reviewed and improvements may be made with other attractions, perhaps dancing. Jumping on to 1967 there were plans to heat the pool. Video Miss Brighton Beauty (BP have introduced a 27 sec advert before video begins

OUTCOME: Due to gradual decline of bathers when Spanish holidays becoming became the order of the day it was decided in 1985/6 that a change of use may be on the cards, becoming a “dry” family area.

It remained open until 1988 housing Dolphins for one year until their special home had been completed, and was finally built over in the winter of 1989/90 to become a childrens entertainment centre. It retains the name of “The Lido.” Richard O’Sullivan Actor and Gary Smart – grandson of Billy of circus fame, opened the Centre in July 1990.

Worthing Lido Site now a childrens play area - image

Site of the Lido, now a childrens play area. Google earth


A look back to the history of the site

Worthing Lido Former History - image

Former History.  Local Studies West Sussex County Council 1994

Along the Worthing Promenade was built a special Bird bandstand in 1897. many concerts were held and enjoyed by the masses. It was so popular that in 1907 a shelter was built over the bandstand to the beach to accommodate even more music lovers.

This bandstand was demolished to make way for an art deco “D”” shaped bandstand enclosure capable of seating 2184 people.

The Royal Engineers were the first to perform. The original sloping canopy was replaced by a domed roof in 1929. […]


Gorlesdon Lido also offers dancing and music to the ears


…Music continued for the next 28 years but sadly music interest began to decline, and so it was decided that the enclosure was so lovely and wonderful for sun worshippers it would be converted into a swimming pool in 1957.

From this in the  early 50s…


Worthing Lido dancing away - image

Local Studies West Sussex County Council 1994 Brian Hayes.

…to this – the feature picture at the top in the later 50s !

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