Morecambe Swimming Stadium - image

Morecambe – Super Swimming Stadium 1936


Morecambe – Super Swimming Stadium 1936

“Morecambe’s costliest yet most popular enterprise.”

The £130,000 Swimming Pool was opened by Sir Josiah Stamp.  He was  President of the L.M.S  (London Midland and Scottsh Railway?? inset)  July 27th 1936.
The pool remarkably took only 13 months to take shape.  The basin of the baths was in formation during June 1935, and by…

Moecambe - Basin of the pool

The Super Swimming Stadium Basin dug out June 1935  Morecambe and  Lancaster Local collections  1994  Lynn Willman 1994

morecambe - wonder pool completed

The Super Pool complete in July 1936!  Morecambe and Lancaster Local Collections 1994  Lynn Willman

…July 1936 was ready to open.

Morecambe Swimming Stadium Opening - image

Proud Committee at the Opening. Morecambe and Lancaster Local Collections 1994 Lynn Willman

The first Baths Manager for Morecambe was Mr Leonard Flook. He was invited to judge the final heat of the Miss Great Britain contest.

The two faces of Mr Leonard Flook

Morecambe Pool Mr Leonard Flook

The two faces of Mr Leonard Flook,  first Baths Manager.  The Guardian  August 1973. Morecambe and Lancaster Local Collections  Lynn Willman 1994

Morecambe was the fore- runner for holding Beauty Contests.

It was the idea of Mr Leonard Flook

It's not all roses to be beauty Queen. - Click on Pathe clip

It’s not all roses to be beauty Queen 1959 Brrrh! – Click on Pathe clip

“Nobody had thought about it before!!” 

The winner of the very first contest received £50 and a cup.  The past Sunday Dispatch sponsored it and then it evolved into the Miss Great Britain and World Contest.

The super swimming stadium was one of Morecambes proudest features. National and International swimming and aquatic events were staged throughout the year.

Young Children took their "Blue Seagull Award"

Young Children took their “Blue Seagull Award” Original main picture Morecambe and Lancaster Local Studies  Lynn Willman 1994

Visited by 27,000 bathers in two days!  This majestic pool opened 7 days a week including floodlit bathing.  It was the longest open air pool in Europe.

Beauty Pageant 1969

Beauty Pageant Miss Great Britain 1969 – in colour. Click on Pathe clip


Good views of the pool in these clips. Judging Stars included Laurel and Hardy, George Formby, and Wilfred Pickles to judge Miss Great Britain.

Morecambe - Full pool

Busy Lido Morecambe and Lancaster Local Studies Lynn Willman 1994

Young children earned their “Blue Seagull Award” for swimming one length of the pool. The pool was a massive 396″ft x 110 ft. There were Aqua shows every year – exhibition diving and  the resident “Aquacascades”  

 It was announced that the super swimming stadium would not be included in the holiday guide for 1975. The stadium would not open again due to structural defects.  It was always hoped that once structural engineers had been approached this beautiful pool would come alive again, but it was not to be. It was demolished in 1976,  part of which was changed for use as a Dolphinarium, then eventually all gone, and became a Leisure Park.

Morecambe Aquacascades 1963

The famous Morecambe “Aqucascades” . Taken from the 1963 Official Guide to Morecambe.  Morecambe and Lancaster Local Collections. Lynn Willman 1994

The Finality

From proud opening …


Oh Dear

Oh dear….the Super Swimming Stadium is going. 1976. Morecambe and Lancaster Local Collections. 1994 enlarge +  Lynn Will man 1994

Morecambe site of the Lido

The Site of the Swimming Stadium today. The Leisure Park

Many visits to my Morecambe page since ITV The Bay Episode 6 was shown . The Lido in question was Grange over Sands which featured in the episode…

Campaigns are in progress to save this lovely designed Lido