Aerial view of the site of the Spring Gardens Reservoir

Spring Gardens Reservoir 1820; Imperial Baths South Street – Reading

Imagine it filled with water today, providing healthy swimming recreation! The following notice appeared:

“SPRING GARDENS RESERVOIR will be opened as a temporary Swimming Bath on Saturday May 20th 1893.”

Spring Gardens reservoir  surround has heavy white engineered sloping tiles.  In 1870 it was used for temporary storage for the railway and washing the streets.
The Reservoir was used for swimming whilst awaiting the  reopening of the Imperial Baths – Thermal Spa in South Street.

OUTCOME: Present day – drained  and a Recreational Ground for the surrounding Estate.


Spring Gardens Reservoir. Inset taken from inside the "tank". - image

Spring Gardens Reservoir. Inset taken from inside the “tank – the white tiled walls”. 1998

The houses alongside the reservoir to the right will have just about been built with gardens backing on to the reservoir. The remaining area around the reservoir would have been green fields – now a modern housing estate called Spring Terrace.

I found this article on Spring Gardens (2016)

 Reading South Street Baths – 1888

Spring Gardens reservoir associated with Imperial South Street Baths - Reading - image

Advert for the Thermal Spa Click image to enlarge Reading Central Library 1998


“By the kindness of the Reading Biscuit Company Ltd…The Corp. Of Reading have enabled the opening of the Swimming Baths, South Street  (W.H.Simonds)”
The Baths were open for
Women – Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Men – Tuesday and Thursday”
Extract from “Kelly’s Directory – Reading.
Arthur C. Collins

Advertisement above from the “Ancient Order of Forestors & delegates Guide to Reading 1888

OUTCOME: Not around. In the area of the present day Arts centre

Spring gardens reservour and Thermal Spa - image

The once Imperial Thermal Spa, South Street Baths was AROUND here 

Arthur Hill Memorial Baths – Kings Road – Reading – 1911


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