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Earls Court Exhibition Centre Pool – 1935

Earls Court Exhibition Centre Pool was within a greater building.  Chairman Sir Ralph Glyn,  together with the Architect C. Howard Crane created this wonder venue.

Earls Court has the luxury of a 60m x 30m giant swimming pool and was built in – 1935. One of the main requirements was that it included a giant swimming pool that, with a touch of a button converted back into exhibition space. 

Earls Court special invention was  used long before the grand pools of today when converting a deep diving pool for disciplines requiring shallow or no water!

Seating coped with 23,000 spectators! , and other appropriate displays, and…with the press of a button, 3 flat concrete floor rises for a non-stop host of Exhibitions and Shows.

When used,  the pool takes four days to fill and four days to empty and 2 1/4 million gallons of water are needed to fill it. These operations can only be accomplished at night, so as not to put undue strain on local services.

Earls Court Exhibition Centre Pool is still used today for water craft exhibitions  and when the floor rises  –  a multitude of dry area shows.

The boxing, gymnastics, weightlifting and wrestling events of the 1948 London Olympic Games were held at Earl’s Court. It also hosted the Royal Tournament military tattoo every year from 1950 to 1999.
The Olympic Games returned to Earl’s Court One in 2012. A purpose-built court was built for the volleyball competition, with temporary seating for 15,000 spectators.

Earls Court Entire Exhibition Centre Doomed

Latest News 2013

The Mayor Boris Johnson has approved plans for the redevelopment of the Earls Court and West Kensington area into housing.

Also you can follow progress on 


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