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Tynemouth – Outdoor Lido on the Beach – 1925

Tynemouth Pool above – from private postcard collection AGJ

Tynemouth Lido – The Lido on the Beach!

Tynemouth Lido

Tynemouth Lido – A fine looking pool

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See Grand Opening below!


Just rocks

Now…just rocks


The Grand Opening Tynemouth

The Grand Opening –click on Pathe clip

Watch the Grand Opening . Many dignitaries were in attendance.


Rock Pool Conversion

See the conversion into the Rock Pool

Short video – thanks and courtesy of Frank Gillings

(see acknowledgements)

UPDATE on Facebook  “A message about Aims and Goals  – on behalf of Dave Harland

We set up a Facebook page to gather public support for the refurbishment of the old Tynemouth Outdoor Pool, which was once a tidal pool, but filled in with rocks back in the mid 90’s.

Last Friday we successfully got North Tyneside Council (NTC) to withdraw
their current application for works to the pool. This was by sheer weight 
of numbers, over 7,500 supporters (in 2 weeks) on the page, and waves of 
people who lobbied councillors and submitted objections to the councils stupid 
plan to concrete over the pool and put a layer of sand over the top and
effectively make a false beach, right next to the beach. This was
“apparently” to be used for volleyball and “outdoor event”. basically all
the things you can do on the beach. The project has really captured 
peoples imagination with a lot of people support and encouragement from all over the world. Everyone wants the pool back, and by stopping the application we have a wonderful opportunity to do something brilliant.

We are now looking at assembling a working group/ community group to raise
the funds to try and refurbish it. Were currently emailing the existing
tidal pools to try and get as much info as possible on the best way to
proceed, so that we can go back to NTC with a realistic business and
financial plan. Any help/advice would be appreciated. even if it just
raising awareness to our campaign

Many thanks

Dave Harland

Anymore insights to this Lido?  The Opening Ceremony is interesting feature.  How they all loved their Lido.  Everything was always grand because it was always very special.

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