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Warrington Baths – Legh Street – 1851 – 2003.

Warrington Baths above…permission Mr Gandy 2015

Warrington Baths Enlarge + Merged by Mr Gandy - image

Warrington Baths Pride of Place. Enlarge + Merged by Mr Gandy

Warrington Baths had no less than four pools. Laid abandoned since 2003 – demolished 2011

Warrington Baths Teaching Pool - image

The Teaching Pool Enlarge +

A great informative story here!  found on “My Warrington” created by –  Gordon I Gandy
Permission granted. Information to “My Warrington” provided by PHIL DELAHUNTY for his memories and technical information on the pools. Phil Delahunty had various roles during his working life at the baths. Some pictures provided by Mr Albert Hicks and many memories.

Warrington Baths Exterior - image

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Taster Quotes from “My Warrington”

“The baths consisted of four swimming pools, a steam room, laundry, and slipper baths for both ladies and men. The early boilers were typical ships’ boilers (there were two of those) running on heavy oil. Phil recalls spending many a happy hour warming the oil line with a blowlamp […]


Kent Street Baths where the word “baths”  became so mellowed together

…in order to get the oil thin and warm enough before the boilers would fire up.”

“The brilliant thing about having four relatively small pools, as opposed to one huge pool – which Widnes went for – is that you could close one, two, or three pools, as they did in the winter, when demand was slack, or for repairs and maintenance. Albert remembers going once, and, finding the Boys’ Plunge closed, had to use the Ladies’ Plunge, with cubicles on one side for males and the other side for females.

All pools used to have a three-tiered diving block at the deep end (similar to a Formula 1 winners rostrum, if you know what I mean). The Teaching pool also had a diving platform, even though the pool was only about four feet deep at the deepest! These were removed for (in this case, legitimate) health and safety reasons.”

A great read with many donated pictures – I can’t do better!

My Childhood Memories

“I remember swimming here on my occasional visits to my “Auntie” Alice and “Uncle” Albert Howell who lived in the then cobbled Lancaster Street.  Their front parlour served the community well by providing scrumptious fish and chips!
I,  with my parents had previously been shown around and I couldn’t believe how all these pools fitted under one roof.  They seemed awfully big from my child’s eyes and went on one after the other forever.”


Warrington Baths. All that remains - image

All that remains of Warrington Baths


More baths and lidos to peruse