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An attentive class.  Learning about body positions in the air!

Feature 1. Dive into Springboard and Highboard Diving for Water Babies!

 features by Anne - diving - imageSpringboard diving and more is described in a unique way. This light hearted little book or guide describes diving progression and the steps towards evolvement of a competition diver. It’s written in a basic informal intimate way at the same time imparting the basic knowledge so fundamental in the sport of springboard diving plus platform diving.
It touches upon springboard diving and platform equipment such as the regulations regarding board heights. Mentioned too are the necessary aids to help a child’s diving progress towards more complex performances.
*The technical side and the acceptable body shapes used in the performance of dives, and the different directions a diver travels through the air.
*The persons that are vital within the sport such as the coaches and the officials are included.
*Ways that the Recorder totals up every divers’ scores from the judges, incorporating the degrees of difficulty of dives.Mentioned too are the importance of dive sheets and a unique diving language, using number coding that can be understood by all especially on the International scene.
*On the website www.so-dive-in.co.uk there are many excerpts from this little book.  Plus “Teach it!”

Feature 2.  Down Memory Lane with the “Milky Shake Bribes” 

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Jumping in at Kingfisher Lido

Six pages of my memory of pools (mentioned on this site) in which I was trained, towards British Diving Events from the age of 8 yrs old.   I was always rewarded with my incentive – milk shakes!
Published in the January Edition of the Swimming Times 2015 – My blog is found on another page on this site  Pooling Lidos and Lido News Post

Feature 3. Dive into a Little Escapism and into the
World of the Shamoshelimyticleletite


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Two schoolboys Eddie and Ollie were skipping through the woods during their school holidays.  Eddie fell and hurt his ankle and had difficulty walking.  This is when they had a very surprising and unexpected encounter with a very kind old man named Old Judas.  He took them into his care and administered the necessary aid and rest until Eddie was feeling better to carry on walking home.   They had not bargained for the tenderness and Old Judas’s great story telling.  He had so much to  share that they couldn’t wait to visit him each day of their holiday to hear the next enchanting chapters.
There was something about Old Judas that they didn’t understand though. Judas seemed troubled at times and hidden in his thoughts.  However the boys didn’t pry and never witnessed the great emotions stored in Old Judas’s heart and ready to spill over.  Judas found his story telling  more and more difficult as time went by but he was  keeping a secret that they would not know about….until….

Feature 4.  History of a Road
“A Noble Road of Distinction” Published by Reading Libraries

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