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ALbatross history start up - image

First Competitive Squad

Albatross History – picture above … the very first competitive squad.
Andrew Dixon;  Lynne Crowther;  Suzanne Smith;  Paul Holton; Karen Ward;  Veronica Latto;  Ian Primett.

Albatross History – Diving in Reading 1966 – 2002

Strong History – Bright Future” Quotes the Reading Evening Post

The Central Pool in Reading built in 1966 will be a pool of the past from the end of January 2018 – a tribute.

Start up Reading SC Diving Section
Albatross Diving Club of Reading

Hop onto any of these pages for short cuts.  The pages contain more news – they are images of the pages from the book.  They also have sequential page links

Part 1  Just click any link below.
Reflections and why this record?
1968/70  (1) Diver Michael sets the scene
1972/73   (1) Please don’t let me fluff it
1974 (1) Away to the Channel Islands. Lynne heads the team.
1975   (1) Ian and Paul grab silver and gold
1976/7  (1) Splash hit for Paul and Suzanne
1977  (4) First step into glamour. International spectacle  2.  Reading diving display team  3.  Beverley tops and Lindsey starts to spin  4. Reading diver picked for England team in Holland
1978   (5) Ambition coming to fruition  2.  Four out of four events and golden Holton  3 Albatross has hatched. Diving to success  4. Dedicated Divers in new colours  5.  Diana models new track suit with beautiful badge 

 Part 2
1979  (13)  Albatross swoop for nap hand  2.  Suzanne falls off the board and Paul doubles up  3.  Albatross divers shine in inter-county match  4. Juliet lifts schools trophy. Albatross flying together  5.  Little Louise shows her metal
6.  Mariannes Stuttgard chance snatched away  7. Caroline leads Albatross team in Southampton  8. Abbey National Building Society promotes  9. First Birthday Gala with National VIPs  10. A synchro team injected beautiful rhythm
11.Tanya, Beverley and Martin appeared and dived well-first Gala 12.  Albatross guaranteed to fly higher  13.  Stylish Joy first recipient of Presidents Cup
1980 (12) Claire skillfully joined the nest – Mark(s) scored  2.  The year Caroline and Andrew led the divers  3.  Go Get David Go Get Sponsorship  4.  Victorious Sarah led divers to soar in Alton match  5.  Abigail helped team of nine to battle in Bexley Challenge at Feltham  6.  Girls jet out to Germany    7.  No room in the luggage for the Monheim Trophies!   8.  Andrew flies to top in RAF Cranwell Air Training Corp National Champs   9.  Louise and Marianne soar in ESSA Luton   10.  Richard in first International friendly. Marianne foxes the judges.     11.  Fiona and Scarlett lead the procession under floodlight  12.  Claire receives President’s Cup

This has covered a summary of the first 14 years of Diving at the new Central Pool, Reading SC Diving Section,  and the first 2 years of Albatross Diving Club (40th year today 2018!) 

By this time the divers had been formed into 3 Squads:

Are you here?

1.  Low Flyers   2. High Flyers   3. Wings 
Ewan and Samantha lead the divers 
5.  The Coaching Squad 
6.  The Diving Committee
7.   Abigail starts the show with a selection of some early Champions with Trophies (slideshow) 
8.  Terry starts a selection of Stars, and Rising Stars of the 80s (slideshow)
9.  A jump to Michelle and the 90s “Divers of the Month” and Coaches (slideshow)

Quick Touch Gallery – the whole book at a glance! covering through to 2002

Central Swimming Pool Reading. Baths Manager Mr John Anstey - image

Central Swimming Pool Reading with the first baths manager the late Mr John Anstey. The nucleus of Reading’s Aquaworld…” Albatross History – were you a competitive diver in Reading during 1966-2002?  Do you have recollections? You may find yourself!  It was fun,  I’m so glad of it.

Albatross History covers these years. You are most likely mentioned and you may find yourself wherever you are in the world today! Dive into your chosen years,  which also have sequential links. In a sparkling new state of the art swimming pool with separate diving pool,  it was literally moments after the opening in 1967 that an introduction to diving was set up in within Reading Swimming Club – in fact….diving had begun in 1966 in public sessions before the  Official Opening Ceremony in 1967!  With courtesy of the Baths Manager,  the late Mr John Anstey and many many thanks for his continuous support and interest.

Goodbye Our Friend (Video)

Reading Central Pool Official Opening - image

Reading Central Pool Official Opening

This is my personal tribute to a Pool that served us so well.  Also to my divers 1966-2002 and beyond,  and all those who came on board. They committed and helped start the progress of the Sport of Diving in Reading.  (This book was a previous presentation in 2002 due to the threat of closure at that time). Diving  has continued until today through many changes and with many success’s and committment, and now in their RUBY year I wish Albatross Diving Club continuing soaring success in the future

Remember these times? Why not say “Hello”below! using the comments box which will be available on registration (to avoid incessant spam) or on the Facebook Group “Past Divers in Reading” 

Alternatively you can drop a line or memory directly to me below.  I’ll add to your comments to the page unless asked not to!  It’ll be nice to hear from you.  I don’t forget anyone!

Reflections and recollections




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  1. Sandra Sheene / 1-21-2018 / ·

    Hi, Anne, remember all these especially that little chappie at the back . Paul. I’m his mum Sandra. Do you remember me. .?

    1. Anne Green Jessel / 1-21-2018 / ·

      I don’t forget anyone! Wonderful days. Pauls diving was great. He was known around the Nationals as “the inward dive straight” no one saw a better one! I was proud of him. He worked hard. Lovely to hear from you

  2. Paul Holton / 1-21-2018 / ·

    Hello Anne, I have read some of your blog on Albatross history, fantastic memories, I hope some of the other members of the club find the articles and enjoy them like I have. Time flies indeed, must be 40+ years since my first plunge into the deep end, all’s hunky dory with me, hope all’s well with you and your kin……. would love to comment about the baths as so much of mine and my families life are entwined into it’s early history. x Paul Holton

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