Tamworth Bathing Pool – 1939. In the Castle Grounds

Shallow area forefront. Deep water beyond barrier

Shallow area forefront. Deep water beyond barrier


Tamworth open air bathing pool laid within the beautiful Tamworth Castle Pleasure Grounds.

The pool replaced the Victorian indoor baths in Church Street. I remember the hot summer days when my father drove me to this pool for competition training and the events.
Midland District Diving Championships were held here and I remember the 3 metre springboard went uphill!.  This alarmed me especially as I had to do a reverse dive (which rotates round back to the board) in the competition.

Comedy Show by the Midland Divers

Comedy Show by the Midland Divers

I must have done ok.  Although very nervous, and managed to win the Girls Trophy.
There was much camaraderie here.  The Lido lived on until the eighties, and with the climate and the easily affordable flights abroad, patronage declined.

The Diving Boards

The Diving Boards

A truly wonderful family video  from Tamworth found on utube“A day Out At The Lido” – courtesy of the Hope & Bentley Family

A MUST to view!  Exquisite.

http://youtu.be/eYJLt5EKLBE   Part 1  

http://youtu.be/epPtzKrL3FQ    Part 2

Pool now filled in

Pool now filled in.  Today sees  a Childrens/Youth Community and Play Area.  All buildings have been retained.

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