Brookvale Park Swimming Pool – Erdington 1909


Brookvale Swimming Pool Inland site today - image

Brookvale Park Swimming Pool and Historical Interest 

The Brookvale Park swimming pool was fed by a small stream which had its source in the park…

Brookvale Park Swimming Pool

Brookvale Park Swimming Pool

but rumors went round that it was fed by the River Rea and that belief persisted till it closed down in 1939…the River Rea was close by but it was 6 ft below the pool level.
The Second “Lido” was opened in 1883 on 9th July in Victoria Park Small Heath, 3 ft at the shallow end and 6 ft at the deep end and designed much like the one in Cannon Hill Park but sadly that shut in 1939 as well.

The third one at Brookvale Park opened in 1909 and was made out of the disused reservoir and used till 1926….all 3 pools were shut down by concerning health fears…”

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“Before they were called lido’s they were called open-air pools and the first one in Birmingham to be installed by Birmingham Corporation was in 1873 at

Cannon Hill Park close to the two boating pools….

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Brookvale Park swimming pool - underwater - image