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Cannon Hill Park Pool – Birmingham – 1873 – 1939


Picture of lido above courtesy of King’s Heath Library

Cannon Hill Park Pool - image

Cannon Hill Park Pool 1873
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Cannon Hill Park Pool 1873 - image - image

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Cannon Hill Park

The site of the Lido lies within the park, just across the road and over the River Rea Bridge, from opposite the Edgbaston Cricket ground.  Just inside  there lay a lido within this beautiful park. The Park  containing the Lido opened in 1873.

There was at the time very few open air pools, and Cannon Hill Park Lido was the first public open air pool to be opened in the Birmingham area.

It was 216′ x 100′ and was designed by John Gibson.

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The  pool lasted for just over 50 years and indeed was an added bonus to the wonderful Floral Park which exists within its beauty today.
It remained in use until 1939  and for some while was used as a boating facility.
OUTCOME: Built on the the pool site is the Midland Arts Centre which was founded in 1962.   It follows the actual blue print of the pool which was in a curved shape.  It was such a long time ago that the pool existed,  far before many of the generations of today,  and not at all surprising so few knew of its former history!

Midaland Arts Centre standing on the site of the pool - image

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Contribution received from Steve Beauchampe 28/07/16 

Cannon Hill Bathing Pool

“216ft x 100ft; 2ft 6in-5ft 6in (poss 6ft). £3,438. Dressing accommodation with a paved promenade on one side, remaining sides turfed and sloping banks planed with shrubbery. Floor and sides made of concrete, one long dressing shed divided into compartments on south side, paved with blue bricks, remaining portion of promenade is turf. 1d entrance fee. Park opened September 1st 1873, pool enclosed by high wood fencing and shrubberies, fed by water from a spring that passed through the pool. Originally leased to the leasee of the adjoining boating pools, but not renewed in 1899 when Corporation Baths Committee assumed management responsibilities. Roughly site of original Midlands Arts Centre (mac), elliptical court at mac recalled shape of bathing pool. No trace of pool survives above ground. Rebuilt 1919-1920; re-opened 1921, closed in 1938 following changes to Ministry of Health regulations.”

A very old lido” does anyone have more hints on this pool?

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